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The adaptation of a building in “AniM Hotel” is actually a highly innovative concept. Several hotels always offer some rooms for pets and their owners, but few are devoted 100% and even less stays which vary from one to six months. Neither more nor less, it’s like a small condo “dog and master” that can be booked from year to year and which wants a real “home” in Florida.

Absolutely everything is adapted to the outside. Dog water fountain, paths, fences, landscaped and artistic design with colors and efiges of our pets, etc …. Obviously that prerequisites are required owners and their piteous, full respect of the rules of use, and cleanliness, but the concept is intended as innovative as the chosen site is just facing a Spa exclusively for dogs and cats including babysitting services, grooming, etc …. Moreover, a service of mobile professionals (adapted vehicle – veterinary services) aid to treatment, mowing, grooming and various treatments will be offered to customers (as required) weekly in season.

Everything Puppy needs to also become a “snowbird”!

“”Richard’s Pet Friendly Motel” could also be translated in “Richard AniMotel” but President wished not to be confused with the immense diversity of animals, birds and exotic fish that make up the tropical gardens neat and mature vegetation of all of its properties.

Welcome Kit surprise::

  • Cushion for bed
  • Bowls water and food
  • Surprise snack
  • Bag for the needs outside