At all time, dogs must be leashed on the site.
As a pet owner, you are financially responsible for damages caused by it.
The beds and sofas shouldn’t at any time be used by your pet.
A fee of $25.00 + taxes will be apply for every piece of bedding or any other damage that will require a specific cleaning.
Clean up after your pet, leave no trace of its passage, either within or around the accommodation unit, neither on the site.
If cleaning the outside of your accommodation unit became necessary after departure, a $50.00 fee will be deducted from your deposit.
Pets are not allowed to be in other buildings or in public places and should in no circumstances be left attached in a place accessible to the Hotel’s customer.
You must at all time, limit your dog’s barking in respect to other costumers.

Management reserves the right to revoke the right of residence for your pet if one or more of the above mentioned policies are not followed.