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The adaptation of one of the buildings to an “AniMotel” is made in a very innovative concept. Several hotels have always offered certain rooms. Adaptation for animals and their owners, but few are 100% dedicated to it and even less for stays that can vary from one to six months. No more and no less, it’s like a little “dog-and-master” condo that you can book year after year and make a real Florida “home”.

Everything, absolutely everything, is suitable for the outdoors. Water fountain for dogs, trails, fences, landscaped and artistic landscaping in the colors and images of our pets, etc … Obviously, the prerequisites are required of owners and their dogs, a total respect for the rules of use, and of cleanliness, but the concept is intended to be so innovative that the chosen site is right in front of a Spa intended exclusively for dogs and cats including babysitting, grooming, etc…. What is more, a service of mobile professionals (adapted vehicle – veterinary services) to help with treatment, mowing, grooming and various treatments will be offered to customers (as needed) on a weekly basis during the season.

Everything your dog needs to become a “snowbird” too!

“Richard’s Pet Friendly Motel” could also be translated as “Richard AniMotel”, but the president did not want to confuse with the immense diversity of animals, birds and exotic fish that make up the tropical gardens with neat and mature vegetation of the whole. of its properties.