“AniMOTEL” (Motel accepting pets)

The new expansion coincides with the introduction of a new concept purely suited to people who wish to spend the winter season with their pet under the hot Florida sun. Birth of “Richard’s Pet Friendly Motel”, neighbor of Richard’s Hotel – at the corner of US-1 and Rue de Wiley. “How many times have we had to turn away customers who only travel with their pets? The number runs into the thousands over the years.

I had long cherished the dream of converting one of our buildings by adapting it to pets, of building an enclosure reserved for animals that would circulate freely, of offering unequaled comfort to the animal and its master, as well as a surprise welcome kit, all at a reasonable price,” said Richard.

“It has been impossible for me to convert the existing buildings simply because our annual occupancy rate is always close to 100%. Only acquisitions could allow such a conversion and real estate has recovered so much in value in recent years that negotiations have taken longer than expected.

Fortunately, I had the chance to win with people I consider to be mentors in the evolution of my career for 25 years. One of the reasons that explain the enthusiasm of customers for our units, in addition to cleanliness, safety and proximity, are the affordable prices. In short, converting our existing units could not be an option. So we opted for expansion.

The adaptation of one of the buildings in “aniMOTEL” is done in a very innovative concept. Several hotels have always offered certain rooms for animals and their owners, but few are 100% guaranteed and even fewer for stays that can vary from one to six months. Neither more nor less, it’s like a small “dog and master” condo

that can be booked from year to year and that wants to be a real “home” in Florida. Everything, absolutely everything, is suitable for the outdoors. Water fountain for dogs, paths, fences, landscaping and artistic design in the colors and effigies of our pets, etc… Obviously, prerequisites are required of owners and their pets, total respect for the rules of use, and of cleanliness, but the concept is so innovative that the chosen site is just opposite a Spa intended exclusively for dogs and cats including babysitting services, grooming, etc…. What’s more, a service of mobile professionals (adapted vehicle – veterinary services) to help with treatments, mowing, grooming and various treatments will be offered to customers (as needed) on a weekly basis during the season. Everything that pitou needs to become a “snowbird” too! “Richard’s Pet Friendly Motel” could also be translated as “Richard aniMOTEL”, but the president wished not to be confused with the immense diversity of exotic animals, birds and fish that make up the complex’s unspoilt and mature tropical gardens. of its properties.

Surprise Welcome Package:

Cushion for the sleep

Water and food bowls

Snack surprise

Bag for outdoor needs.