Pet PolicyWe love all animals and hope your stay with your best friend is enjoyable and pleasant, but we would like to share our pet policy with you.

1.Maximum number of pets: two (2 dogs or 1 dog + 1 cat, or 2 cats) birds and other pets to the discretion of Richard’s Family of Lodgings.
2. Maximum weight: 25 pounds or less.
3. When checking in inform Richard’s Family of Lodgings you have brought your best friend(s)..
4. Do not leave you best friend(s) alone in the room.. If you do, we strongly suggest that they be restrained to prevent any accidental escape or confronting any of our employees as they perform their duties
5. All pets must have vaccination records up to date.
6. While in common areas must be leashed. Leash free areas are provided (Richard’s Pet Friendly Parc)
7. Your « best friend(s) must be removed from room while the housekeeper services the hotel room..
8. You must pick up after your best friend(s). Please keep the room and the outside areas clean.
9. Please do not wash your best friend in the sink or bath. The hair will clog the drains..
10. Your pet(s) must be clean and flea & tick-free.
11. Although your « best friend » might sleep with you while your home we must insist that they do not sleep on our beds..

We count on you to prevent your best friend(s) from making excessive noise, being aggressive or destructive while in our rooms. If your pet is deemed dangerous, harmful or disruptive, Hotel Management has the sole discretion to require you to find other accommodations ..
. Richard’s Family of Lodgings reserves the right to contact Animal Control to have the pet removed if deemed dangerous or abandoned..
We are not responsible for any pet escaping from our rooms..

Pet Deposit $50.00 per pet. (refundable).
Pet Cleaning fees $300.00 (non-refundable).

If your room requires excessive cleaning or if damages are sustained as a result of your « Best friend’s » actions, the hotel will charge for additional service and repairs..
Please be prepared to show your « best friend(s) » health certificate. This certificate will state that your pet is in good health , free from parasites, and all shot records are up to date.