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The adaptation of one of the buildings to an “AniMotel” is made in a very innovative concept. Several hotels have always offered certain rooms. Adaptation for animals and their owners, but few are 100% dedicated to it and even less for stays that can vary from one to six months. No more and no less, it’s like a little “dog-and-master” condo that you can book year after year and make a real Florida “home”.

Everything, absolutely everything, is suitable for the outdoors. Water fountain for dogs, trails, fences, landscaped and artistic landscaping in the colors and images of our pets, etc … Obviously, the prerequisites are required of owners and their dogs, a total respect for the rules of use, and of cleanliness, but the concept is intended to be so innovative that the chosen site is right in front of a Spa intended exclusively for dogs and cats including babysitting, grooming, etc…. What is more, a service of mobile professionals (adapted vehicle – veterinary services) to help with treatment, mowing, grooming and various treatments will be offered to customers (as needed) on a weekly basis during the season.

Everything your dog needs to become a “snowbird” too!

“Richard’s Pet Friendly Motel” could also be translated as “Richard AniMotel”, but the president did not want to confuse with the immense diversity of animals, birds and exotic fish that make up the tropical gardens with neat and mature vegetation of the whole. of its properties.

Prices – Reservation

The rates are decreasing for a weekly or monthly rental (4 weeks) Also take advantage of special rates outside high season


Richard’s Pet Friendly Motel   May 1st – Dec 19th Dec 20th – Jan 31th Feb 1st – Mar 31th Apr 1st – Apr 30th
Large Efficiency/Studio Daily 119 139 169 129
(Double Occupancy) Weekly 459 779 1039 499
  4 weeks 1499 3049 4029 1799
Small Efficiency/Studio Daily 109 129 149 119
(Double Occupancy) Weekly 439 729 919 489
  4 weeks 1399 2699 3599 1749
Hotel Room (Regular) Daily 79 99 109 89
(Double Occupancy) Weekly 349 529 689 399
  4 weeks 1199 1969 2499 1479
Little Room (Super small) Daily 59 69 89 69
(Single Occupancy) Weekly 349 409 539 379
  4 weeks 1099 1499 2049 1399

Small room: 611
Hotel room (Regular): 609, 610.
Small Bachelor / Studio: 604
Grand Bachelor / Studio: 601 to 603 605 to 608.


At all times, dogs must be kept on a leash on the site.

If you must leave your pet alone in the accommodation, it must be caged so that our maintenance staff can move around freely and without risk.

As the owner of the animal, you are financially responsible for the damage caused by it. Beds and sofas must not be used by your animal at any time. Costs of

$ 25 + taxes will apply for each piece of bedding and coverings that will require specific cleaning.

Clean up behind your animal, leaving no trace of its passage, either inside or around the accommodation unit, nor on the site. If cleaning outside your accommodation unit becomes necessary following your departure, a

$ 50 + taxes will be taken from your deposit.

Pets are not allowed in (other) buildings and public places and must under no circumstances be left tied up in a place accessible to guests staying.

You must, at all times, limit your dog’s barking so as not to upset customers.

The management reserves the right to revoke the right of residence for your pet if one or more of the above mentioned policies are not respected.

  • Add 20% for a stay of less than 2 weeks between December 24 and January 5.
  • Add 20% for a stay of less than 4 weeks between February 1 and February 28/29.
  • The rate above is for double occupancy per studio.
  • Add $ 20.00 for the third person and $ 15.00 for each additional person occupying the same studio.
  • A maximum non-refundable payment of 25% or the amount of one day is required for a reservation.
  • All payments / deposits are non-refundable.
  • You are responsible for the balance of the reservation, unless you cancel 30 days before your arrival.
  • A minimum of four weeks may be required for all bookings (Additional day at daily rate).
  • The above rates and sales tax (13%) are subject to change without notice.
  • Daily rate: $ 5.00 additional Friday, Saturday, holidays and for service between midnight and 8:00 AM
  • Services are sourced from the main office located at 1219 South Federal Highway in Hollywood.